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06 Jan 2017

Security experts have uncovered what appears to be the biggest and most profitable advertising fraud scheme known to date.

In a report released Tuesday, cybersecurity firm White Ops mapped out a massive operation through which Russian cybercriminals are stealing millions of dollars from publishers and advertisers in the form of fake video views.

Nicknamed "Methbot" for the frequent references to the drug in its code, the ongoing scheme involves an army of bots whose sole purpose is to watch as many as 300 million video ads per day, thus tricking brand advertisers into paying millions of dollars for fake views.

The company believes it to be the work of a ring of Russian hackers, who researchers say have netted...

20 Oct 2016

Generally Japan Japan Company Trust, by providing a real proof of Japanese companies overseas, the company's confidence in the more reliable ones, to help to advance the business smoothly, contributing to the development of international trade in Japan it aims at.

Now that online business has become the mainstream, jumping over the border if they have PC, it enables a wide variety of transactions, is no longer a business is a global era. But along with also high risk that at the same time easy to get involved in Internet fraud. Since online business is not a face ­to­ face transactions, it will not be able to check only the presence of the other companies only in the image and description of the web site.

So, JCTO is...

10 Oct 2016

The landscape of the art industry continually changes due to the rapid evolution of technology. Technological innovations have provided artists with new tools to express themselves and their ideas. Though the digital art was of great deal in this modern era, traditional art still remains vital to a society and to a country’s culture.

If you are an art lover and a collector visiting Massachusetts, you won't want to miss exploring Hawkfield Consultants Gallery which is located along Boston’s South Shore, midway between Cape Cod and Boston. The gallery is open for viewing by appointment and features an eclectic variety of American fine arts and folk arts from 20th and 21st century. Bronze sculptures,...

11 Jan 2016

AXIA Consulting assists our clients in overcoming their business challenges by having an in-depth understanding of the industries that we serve. We combine our industry-focused approach with our experienced consultants to quickly help our clients solve their unique challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

Among the industry sectors we serve are:

• Technology

• Manufacturing & Supply Chain

• Utilities & Energy

• Government & Higher Education

• Retail & eCommerce

• Financial Services


01 Jun 2015


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